Monday, July 7, 2008

Agonizing....USO call/DIA put... bought PCLN put. Considering Real Estate Short/Put

The $Oil/barrel is recovering but USO isnt exactly cooperating... I am still hanging tight.

DIA put are safer, but my small profit is being wiped out... what a waste...

PCLN. Better late than never, bought July80put

SRS on a small breakout (and IYR breakdown)... they will play nice and may return big if interest rates do indeed increase, thereby destroying any chance for the borrower to well... borrow... losing their home (if they havent done so already) AND car, etc really anything bought off credit.

Did I mention credit report tomorrow? Maybe that will tip things farther (pretty much what I hoped Unemployment would do) against the Index, specifically the Dow. I will not go against the NAZ (yet), AAPL got some news that might zero out the bad news.

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