Friday, July 25, 2008

Sleep Deprivation... HMC, HOT/MAR, USO/DUG

Sold my HMC calls @ MEAGER profit this a.m. It sold off quickly...

And now i am eyeing out my existing positions... namely HOT/MAR. It has not been a fun morning at all.

What is interesting is watching USO down AND DUG down. Whats going on here? I placed a limit order on a DUG Oct40call. This is TOO weird $oil/barrel <$123 at the time of this post and DUG is down. profit taking? i dont know. mixed messages as always are being planted by both sides. Someone actually mentioned Oil stabilizing from here. Yet the possibility of a rate increase by the FED is what will prevent oil from heading higher. Of course, threat of hurricanes/civil unrest to oil fields are the lotto for oil bulls. Its all speculation.

OK back to my painfully watching HOT/MAR.

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